dinsdag 24 januari 2012

new edition - the top 20 SSD companies

New Edition - The top 20 SSD companies

.. The companies which you absolutely have to look at if you've got any new projects involving SSDs? This list ranks companies based on the search volume of 318,000 online SSD readers in this quarter.

There's a 1st time newcomer to this list - at the #20 slot - and 2 re-entries - apart from the usual incremental moves and non-movers from the previous quarter. The new format below clears out a lot of the detailed comments which used to appear in earlier editions. For a detailed SSD commentary on each company - just click their logo or name.

If you're searching for a common theme in the top 10 SSD companies in this quarter - it's not in the interfaces or form factors or VC funding or acquisitions. It's this... Every single company in the top 10 has its own proprietary SSD controller IP and architecture - even if they also use controllers from other companies. Now there's an angle you may not have thought about before. SSD IP is still an important factor in establishing leadership in the minds of the market. We haven't got the stage where the color or the brand on the SSD box determines how many get sold. Nevertheless some brands are now firmly associated with particular concepts.

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